Do you experience voices, visions, special messages, unusual beliefs or extreme states of consciousness?

 What do these experiences mean to you? 

How do we live with and decrease distress from these experiences?

Please join us for free, drop in weekly Voices, Visions and Different Realities groups for families, transition age  youth (age 18-24) and adults who hear voices.   All local groups meet on Mondays, 6:00-8:00 pm at:

South Berkeley Senior Center

2939 Ellis St., Berkeley CA

(As of Jan 7, 2019)

(Meetings subject to change, please check website for updates.  The Berkeley group is a 10-minute walk from the Ashby BART station.  The San Francisco group is a 10-minute walk from the BART, Civic Center station.)

 The support groups are co-facilitated by people who have lived experience with the mental health system. More importantly, we are counting on you to shape the direction the group takes in providing support for each other.

This is a free, drop-in group. The Hearing Voices Network is comprised of people who see, hear, feel and think things that others may not experience, and members of their families and support network. For more information about the Bay Area Hearing Voices Network, check out our website at:


Email us at: bayareahearingvoices@gmail.com

Or find us on Facebook: facebook.com/bayareahearing voices