Welcome to NAMI East Bay

Welcome to the website of NAMI EastBay, an affiliate of both the state and national organizations, NAMI California and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (www.nami.org).  Founded at the grassroots level by family members, the organization developed into a robust national organization primarily focused on helping the families of those with mental illness.

The goals of this affiliate are to provide support, educate, advocate, promote research, network, explore alternative perspectives and overcome the stigma surrounding mental illness.

We provide support by sharing experiences and knowledge, strengthening the entire family to maintain control of their lives while caring for loved ones.

We educate families about the illnesses, community resources, mental health law and the service system.

We advocate on the national, state and local levels through being informed about and supportive of relevant legislative efforts.

We promote research into the physiological, neurological, biochemical and genetic aspects of mental illness that could point to the causes, treatment and prevention.

We network through connecting individuals and families with similar issues and supporting their efforts to develop solutions through discussions and the use of available resources.

We explore alternative perspectives through giving voice and exposure to those families who want to actively go beyond the traditional ways of viewing mental illness.  We value being responsive to the interests of our constituents.

We overcome stigma by educating the public and ourselves and by calling attention to media stereotypes.