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January Author/Speaker meeting – Jan 24/25. 2023 BEYOND MADNESS

The recording is now available here. Passcode: L%Av1mEa

Dr. Rachel Pruchno

January Author/Speaker meeting – Jan 24/25. 2023

    Beyond Madness, written by Dr. Rachel Pruchno, is a comprehensive,  very readable book which addresses all aspects of mental illness.  Ms. Pruchno, a PhD psychologist, Professor of Medicine at Rowan University and director of research at the New Jersey Institute for  Successful Aging,.covers an array of topics, from stigma, securing financial benefits, resistance, history, resilience, obstacles,  research findings, legal aspects, etc.  Throughout, she shares insights from experiencing her own daughter’s journey with the challenges of mental illness and brings in others’ stories as well.

   The book has earned the endorsement of many professionals, including E. Fuller Torrey, author of Surviving Schizophrenia, who wrote “…excellent book…strongly recommended”.

  Because  Ms.Pruchno lives on the East Coast and we do not expect her to talk with us late at night, we will be talking with her the day before  our regularly scheduled 4th Wednesday evening meeting.  If you have read the book or are interested and would like to meet the author for a group discussion of topics she covers, join us for our Tuesday, Jan 24, morning  meeting from 10-11:30 am.  The link is below, under Author Meeting.

   The recorded discussion will be posted on our website the next day so you can view it then if you aren’t able to come to it “live”.

Author meeting: