NAMI East Bay Speaker Meeting – May 26 @ 7:30PM

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Bay Area Hearing Voices – Online Discussion Group – 4.28 @ 7:30pm

Our next discussion will be with Ed Herzog, a NAMI East Bay board member and one of the founders of the Bay Area Hearing Voices Network (BAHVN), part of the international HVN-USA. His organization offers weekly, online hearing voices groups for family members and adult voice hearers, as well as support and education.  

Values of the group include challenging society’s norms on what is normal and what constitutes an illness, respecting/honoring our and our loved ones’ experiences, undoing stigma by using non-stigmatizing and owning our feelings.

Check out the website for more information about this organization and join us for a conversation with Ed.

These specific-topic discussion groups are offered to alternate with the bimonthly speaker meetings and the format will be more casual and interactive and less didactic.

Meeting Recording:

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NAMI East Bay Speaker Meeting – March 24 2021 * (See below for link to the recording of this meeting)*

Note: The meeting will be recorded both in written form, for the next edition of this newsletter, and as a video recording accessible via the What’s New link on our website.

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