November 2022 Speaker Meeting Bay Area Community Services

Bonita House

A sometimes hidden gem among county services are the Wellness Centers or Hubs. Scattered throughout the county are six sites which offer welcoming, accessible, and supportive community spaces for individuals with a wide range of mental health needs. The sites have the goals of building community, encouraging independent skills, and providing support through groups and activities.

     Bay Area Community Services (BACS, offers four hubs: Hedco, Towne House, South County, and Valley. Bonita House ( has two sites: the Berkeley Wellness Center and Casa Ubuntu Creative Wellness Center.

     We are pleased to have the directors of wellness programs from each agency speak with us on Wednesday evening.  LeAnne Rozner from Bonita House is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Clarise Burton is from BACS and she or a representative will be joining us. The speakers will be describing their programs and respond to questions.

Speaker Meeting starts at Wednesday, November 16, 7:30 pm

Recording of Presentation on Wellness Centers:
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Prevention and Early Intervention in Psychosis: A Window of Opportunity to Change the Course of Serious Mental Illness Wednesday, July 27, 7:30 pm

According to the National Institutes of Health, 100,000 youth and young adults in the U.S. experi- ence a first episode of psychosis each year (NIH, 2013). And yet, it takes 21 months on average before someone can received specialized treatment for early psychosis after they first begin experiencing symp- toms (NIMH, 2019). Coordinated specialty care for early psychosis is a treatment model provided with evidence-based components designed for early detection, individual psychotherapy, strength-based care management, supported employment and education, judicious medication management, and peer and family support.

Adriana Furuzawa, LMFT, is the director of Felton Institute’s Early Psychosis Division and over- sees the implementation of the (re)MIND® programs (formerly PREP – Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis) in five counties in the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Coast. Felton’s (re)MIND® programs were first implemented in 2007 and are nationally recognized for bridging the gap between science and community-based services. Furuzawa will discuss what is psychosis and why it is important to intervene early, with the right resources, to prevent lifelong challenges and to support individuals and families to reach their life goals and dreams.

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Panel Discussion

Our Perspective in January 2022 

Wednesday, January 26, 7:30 pm

We are all unwilling participants in this era of the historic pandemic, so let’s take stock. As we go into January of the new year, it’s time to share our perspec- tive of where we families with individuals with mental illness have been, where we’re going, and what lies ahead.

Our roundtable discussion will include Rebecca Woolis, family therapist and author of When Someone You Love Has a Mental IllnessBeverly Bergman, Family Caregiver Advocacy Specialist; Patty Espeseth, Chief Administrative Officer of the Alameda Health System and support group leader; Katy Polony, Family Advocate for In-Home Outreach Team and Co-Founder of Families Advocating for the Seriously Mentally Ill (FASMI); Kate Kosmos, School Psychologist in the Oakland public schools; and Liz Rebensdorf, support group leader and President of NAMI East Bay.

Speaker Meeting starts at 7:30 pm
The presentation will be Zoom/online:link will be posted here.

Note: The meeting will be available in written form in the newsletter, and video-recorded and accessible via the What’s New link on our website.

Listening Group on Mental Health Concerns

Wednesday,December 8, 3-4:30

Alameda County Behavioral Health (ACBH) invites you to attend an upcoming Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) listening session on December 8, 3 to 4:30 pm, to better understand the mental health needs of our communities here in Alameda County. We have scheduled this listening session specifically for the members of NAMI East Bay.

As part of ACBH’s planning process for the next MHSA Plan Update for FY 22/23, ACBH is cohost- ing this listening session to provide education on the MHSA and receive community input on the mental health issues in our county. MHSA is the result of 2004’s Proposition 63, where a one-percent tax is levied on incomes over $1 million, with resultant funds directed towards mental illness issues.

To join this discussion, go to You can also dial in using your phone: United States +1 (571) 317-3122, Access Code 990615501.

The listening sessions will be facilitated virtually by Tracy Hazelton, MHSA Division Director for ACBH, and co-hosted with NAMI East Bay Affiliate President Liz Rebensdorf.

Thank you for considering attending. Should you have any questions or if you’d like to provide addi- tional feedback, please feel free to email the MHSA mailbox at